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Volunteer Collection Site: Our volunteers sort, pack, and ship items to send to the troops. Feel free to drop off donations in person or to just have a cup of coffee and help out.
Where: Our Lady of the Island Knight of Columbus Council: 2 East Gate Road / Massapequa Park
When: Saturdays 9am – 11:30am

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Board Of Directors

Founder - Jack Parker

President - Richard Olson

Vice President - Brian Parker

Treasurer- Fred Ferrara

Recording  Secretary - Kathryn Gagliard

Director - Paul Smith


 Local Massapequa Girl Welcomed Home After Extended Tour In Iraq.

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About Us
Adopt-a-Battalion was created in 2004 by Pat & Jack Parker at the suggestion of their son, Lt. Col Tim Parker, USMC as a result of Tim’s finding that many of the soldiers he was fighting alongside of were not getting so much as a card from home. The Parkers felt that with the sacrifices that our servicemen and women were making to defend our freedoms the least they could do was make sure that the troops were receiving something from home.
The troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan are in the desert and do not have access to a PX (store), shower or other basic conveniences we take for granted here at home. The Parkers decided to begin putting together care packages filled with personal hygiene items such as baby wipes which serve as showers for our troops, toothbrushes/toothpaste so they can brush their teeth daily and sunscreen to prevent sunburn. They included books and magazines as well as stationary so the troops had a way to pass down time and write to their families. Snacks such as granola bars, peanut butter, coffee singles and Crystal Lite to help keep up their energy also went into the care packages.
Besides sending the ‘little’ things that our troops can’t easily get themselves the Parkers made sure to include cards and letters thanking the troops for their service and sacrifice and letting them know that folks here at home were thinking of them and wishing them well.
This home grown effort has evolved since 2004, made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Knights of Columbus Council #6911, and in 2009 became a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has:
       • Shipped over 40 tons of goods valued in excess of $500,000
       • Sent approximately 22,000 letters and cards from school children


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It is our mission since 2004 to provide care packages to our men and women fighting the War On Global Terrorism. It is our great pleasure to welcome home from a tour of duty those that we serve, those that serve us. Many young men and women have taken the time out of their lives, left their family and loved ones to serve our country. Many have not returned from that duty, for they have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, their lives. It is the very least that we can do to provide some small measure of gratitude in the form of our care packages that are donated by their fellow Americans filled with items that our government does not provide to them. The candy, snacks, toiletries, socks and personal cars items that you donate mean a great deal to these soldiers. It tells them that their efforts are greatly appreciated and respected by those they have left behind. They are protecting the freedom and safety  that we in America and other parts of the free world enjoy. Please take part in our mission to Support Our Troops.  Type your paragraph here.

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Our founder Jack Parker passed away on Sept 11, 2015 his son Brian Parker continues as vice president in this great organization. Jack left a legacy of caring and compassion for our military men and women  serving our country which continues to grow each year. We hope that you will join us in honoring these brave soldiers as they continue to serve and protect our country.

                                  Richard Olson President